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Sacramento County District Attorney Candidate Thien Ho Reports Massive Fundraising Haul

Experienced and high-profile prosecutor Ho leads money raised for Sacramento County DA campaign by raising more than half-a-million dollars, with $418,959 cash on hand from more than 730 donors

SACRAMENTO, CA – In the latest major public fundraising report and viability test in the race for Sacramento County District Attorney, Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Thien Ho led all candidates with more than a half a million dollars raised and $418,958.79 cash on hand. Today’s end of year report shows more than 730 donors – concerned citizens, community leaders, law enforcement leaders, local business owners, workers, educators and families.

“Our campaign for District Attorney is fueled by a broad and growing coalition that is committed to ensuring that the safety of our community remains the priority,” said Assistant Chief Deputy Thien Ho. “I am humbled and honored by the outpouring of support from family, friends - both new and old – as well as many of Sacramento County’s concerned voters who come from all walks of life and background.”

As a refugee who fled Vietnam seeking freedom, Thien Ho is the embodiment of the American Dream. As a lawyer with 23 years of experience, Thien has pursued justice every time he steps into the courtroom. As a deputy district attorney, Thien has prosecuted the most violent and dangerous criminals, including the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. As the Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney for Sacramento County, Thien manages and oversees an entire bureau of lawyers who protect the public, collaborate with community partners, and guard the integrity of the criminal justice system.


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